About Quisine

Dedicated To Providing Thoughtful & Professional Premium Nutrition Care For Women in Malaysia

Kathrina, a young mother, deeply felt the importance of the postpartum period after experiencing her own recovery process. She realized that while traditional postpartum meals emphasize nutritional supplementation, they often lack scientific nutritional combinations and the freshness of ingredients. Therefore, she decided to establish a company offering nutritionally rich postpartum meals that are scientifically balanced.

Kathrina also emphasizes the freshness and quality of ingredients. She has established partnerships with local ingredient suppliers to ensure that every postpartum meal is made with the freshest organic ingredients, allowing new mothers to eat with peace of mind and health.

Experiencing significant improvements in her own health, Kathrina is now motivated to share this concept with women in Malaysia. She aims to empower every girl, teenager, mother, and aunt to achieve optimal well-being through tailored nutritional conditioning.

Our Service Philosophy

Malaysia’s Modern Women’s Nutrition Conditioning Educator
Bringing together Taiwan’s high-quality and attentive services, drawing from modern nutritional knowledge like your trusted friend who cares about your dietary needs every day, Quisine’s Confinement Meals is not just a meal tailored for women’s health but also your personal nutrition planner.

Graceful Posture, Cultivated and Born
Quisine caters to women of all ages, providing “scientifically based” nutrition. In today’s diverse ways of food consumption, “nutritional imbalance” is more worthy of attention than “nutritional deficiency.” We understand the chaos and difficulty women face in navigating the abundance of dietary information.

Through close collaboration between nutritionists and chefs, we cater to the unique and precious feelings of each individual. Like a queen’s meal, we meticulously prepare each dish with care.